How to find max heart rate in TR

Is there a way to search TR to find one’s max heart rate over a specific date range (or lifetime)?

I know each workout summary gives max heart rate for the workout, but I am looking for an easy way to find out what may max recorded heart rate has been on TR in the last year.


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One related discussion:

I get at (or very near) my max HR at the end of the Ramp Test. I usually add 2-3 bpm to whatever that value is, but I feel pretty comfortable that I’m not going much past that.


Ditto, I consider my ramp within a few beats of my max heart rate.

I pretty routinely get within a few bpm of my max HR on VO2max workouts. And ramp test gets me to my max HR.

I think this is because my cardio system is more of a limiter for me than leg strength/endurance. I.e. I almost never “fail” due to tired legs, it’s more my cardio system gets too stressed.

I think if you have a different profile - e.g. leg strength/endurance being a limiter - then the ramp test or VO2 max workouts are less likely to get you to your max HR.