TR why no fatigue, form metrics on TSS Graph?

I appreciate that metrics like ATL (fatigue), TSB (training stress balance) etc are confusing for those not familiar with them (and sometimes even for those that are). However, I’d like to know what is the logic behind TR implementing just a rolling 6 week average only on the calendar and omitting other metrics such as these.

I use Strava and would gladly ditch the premium version if some access to form and fatigue metrics could be provided. Is it the view of TR and others that these metrics are poor indicators of performance (which I’ve experienced) and are TR looking to develop something new to take their place? etc…



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Purely as a side point…you know those numbers in Strava premium are waste of time as they totally change everytime you update your FTP, making them useless (unless Strava has changed in last 3 months).

However would like to see them in TR


Agreed but the graph doesn’t change when you change FTP, just the numbers associated with the line points. I tend to just leave my FTP at a figure and it gives me an indication season on season, well for fitness anyway

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If you are using Chrome you can install the stravistix extension for those metrics and ditch premium if that’s the only reason you are paying for it.


The stravistix extension is called elevate now.

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They’ve stated that they have something ‘not ATL’ that they are working on/planning to let you know if you are going to deep. I’m interested, but haven’t seen any details about it yet.