Getting started, question about training load?

Does Trainer Road have something like TP’s performance metrics (Fitness, Fatigue, and Form)? All I see is TSS. I also run and have used TP for a while to track the load. In reading the forum I see that people frequently use TP with TR. It seems like until there is better support for running and swimming, I will continue to use TP.



At the top of your calendar is a drop-down “Show TSS”, this has a graph with a six week rolling average, i.e. CTL or Fitness. The graph doesn’t have ATL or Fatigue.

Quite a few on here also use, the owner/developer @davidtinker posts on here regularly and is open to suggestions for improvements.

The TR team have mentioned that they’d rather not “reinvent the wheel” so if someone’s already doing something well they wouldn’t reimplement it, “just because”.