TR User Gear in $$$

You know that TR ticker that shows how many workouts people have done on the TR platform, can we create a similar version that shows how much money (aka cash, dollars, coin, scratch, buckaroos, ducats, moolah, etc.) TR users spend on cycling gear (and peripherals)?


And then stack ranks that against the GDP of the worlds nations. I got into cycling after quitting golf, I told my wife it would be cheaper…


I hope there isn’t. It would slow me down with what I love to do :slight_smile:

I would think the weight of an empty wallet would make you go faster? :laughing:

What? $$$? It’s not like bikes are forged from triple folded nippon steel by master swordsmen for the samurai. And then given a “hand grind”.

Which is of course totally justified for a set of irons.

Tread carefully, partners (ahem… the finance ministers?) could be following this :shushing_face:

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but for any reason, I always answer ‘its a health investment’

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