Price per workout

I’m about to log my 100th TR workout of the year this week.

I’m a $129 member so I’m at $1.29 a workout for the year and counting.

Curious to see where the rest of you fall and how many of you fall easily below $1 per workout?

Apologies to those with non $ currencies in advance :wink:

Where do you find how many workouts per year?

I just counted them in the calendar :man_shrugging:

Might not be a bad option in the calendar though to show that stat.

Haha. I was wondering and I dont think I will do that but I do have quite a bit of TR workouts over the last 2 months.

You can go to the “Past Rides” section under your “Career”. It shows your TR workouts, Other, and the total.

Do some quick math based on your time in TR, and you can guestimate from there.

691 TR workouts in 3.7 years at $99/year is around $0.53/TR workout for me.


$3.39 per workout in 2019

Do I owe more money for failed workouts?


If you click “show more” until you just roll over into last december, you only have to count the 2018 rides and subtract from the total shown. Eg, I expanded mine out to “Showing 100 of 217”. I counted 6 2018 rides, so 100-6=94 TR rides. Almost $1 per workout (grandfathered $99/yr)… soon. Looks like I’m well on pace to have more TR workouts than last year.


That’s impressive!

I paid $25 for one spin class while on vacation by comparison :money_mouth_face:

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Maybe that could be motivation? I know golfers will sometimes put cash in the cup for missed short puts. Maybe we should do the same :+1:

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im at 1.05$ a workout from 2012 to now 675 rides

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149 workouts so far this year by the end of the year that will about double though. So right now like .66 cents per workout for me!


I have been subscribed for 9 months now at $129/year and I have exactly 129 rides.

$1 per workout is not bad at all considering I was out for 3 of those months with a herniated disc and also use TR for all of my swims and runs.

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