TR Session Power Record vs Real Time Power Reporting - Wahoo Kickr


Apologies if this has been covered before but I have a question about the Power recorded/communicated between my Wahoo Kickr and TR in ERG mode.

So, when the power increases for an interval, from say 40% to 106% it feels like the resistance quickly ramps up but the readout on the app shows that there is a quick jump and then it takes 18 seconds (consistently) to go from say 90% to 106%. I’m not experienced enough to feel that difference through the pedals but it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s getting harder.

However, the recording in TR doesn’t show this delay in the power increase.

This is a single 3 minute interval and it all looks as expected:

But over the first 18 seconds, the power reported by the TR App is gradually and painfully climbing the last 10-20% or so.

So - is the problem likely to be that the Kickr is taking 18 seconds to respond, or that TR is not reporting the power correctly in the app. It’s the actual power numbers that are displayed and the little progress bar thing that takes ages to catch up. Why would TR record the power as expected if it wasn’t recognising it as such?

I’ve done a firmware update on the Kickr and I do the spin down every ride or two.

This only seems to be noticeable in ERG mode as I can use the other two modes and it reflects an instant power increase of over 200% FTP.


This is really best directed to since they can dig into the actual log files. The best we can do is guess and it may be totally off base.

One consideration that could be playing a part, and you didn’t mention is the default Wahoo setting using ERG Mode Power Smoothing enabled. It is a setting that might be impacting what you see and feel here, so worth at least checking current state as a data point at least.

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Thank you Chad. I will contact support.

I forgot to mention that this is a new development and that it hasn’t done this until recently.

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