TR Running Thread 2024

Completed a third lactate test. Results were both promising and confusing. I posted in the LT thread and thankfully someone shared their thoughts, and perspective, which I found to be helpful.

The promising piece is my HR and LT1 is tracking quite well.

December 139 BMP @ 7:53 min/mi
January 138 BMP @ 7:35 min/mi
March 139 BMP @ 7:03 min/mi

It was LT2 that I found a confusing (maybe a little disappointing, at the very least, not what I was expecting/hoping). But after reading some feedback and changing the lens in which I’m reading into the results I’m feeling much better.

For anyone interested, here’s link to my post Lactate Testing - Data and Results - #564 by MAGNUStm

Next week is the final three weeks of London build. Getting real!

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