TR Running Thread 2023

Quick recap on last week, which was a solid week of training.

20th Monday
AM - Swim, 1.4km Easy Swim, rest day.
PM - Rest and more rest.

21st Tuesday
AM - Bike - 124 minute Z2 bike with 5 minute at the end at Threshold 1 hour
PM - Run - 60 minute Moderate Endurance (MP + 45 seconds)

22nd Wednesday
AM - Swim 1 mile (1600m)
PM - Run Intervals, 17km with 16x 400m r100m ~ 4’ per km pace (just under 5km pace)

23rd Thursday
AM - Bike, 1hr 48min Z2 with 15 minutes at Threshold
PM - Run, 60 minute Moderate Endurance (MP + 45 seconds)

24th Friday
AM - Swim, 1km
PM - Rest, was going to be a Marathon Pace run but deferred to Saturday

25th Saturday
AM - Run, 90 minutes with 6 miles at Marathon Pace
PM - Watching Rugby Union and Omloop Het Nieuwblad

26th Sunday
AM - Long Run, 35km (22 miles), 5:18 per km pace, 2 second per km faster than 2 weeks ago.

27th Monday
AM - Swim 2km easy recovery, although I did set a 400m PR as I was just swim relaxed and it just came to me.




No serious runner trains with power.


It’s unclear to me. Makes more sense if you are tied into a training plan as with Stryde.

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I’ve been going to PT for my back. Each session is 20min of e-stim w/heat followed by 20min of traction which felt like nothing. At home, I’ve been doing my own exercises. After a week of PT, you have to see the doc again before you can get more PT. Well, he increased the traction after I told him it was too light. He said, “Oh! Do you normally exercise? I’ll speed up the progression”. He also gave me a list of exercises to do at home. Funny thing is that I’ve already been doing all of them since day 1. In any case, I’m feeling much better. Hopefully, cleared to run sometime this month. In the meantime, PT and Zwift.

@Bbt67 Solid week indeed!

@RJ66LVOB How did the Cowtown Half Marathon go?

@Ddtoco I’d imagine it’s analogous to running by HR or pace. You do some testing. Set your zones. Train accordingly. Me personally, I’ve always preferred pace. My 955 shows records power. It seems consistent relative to pace, but I’ll stick w/pace.

@ibaldwin You running in tree cover? I have several friends who run w/their iPhone and the results are good, granted they run in open space w/no trees or buildings (riverside park). I do have a friend who runs w/his Garmin 520 in his pocket, but it works :smile: Maybe one of these is in your future:


Got lucky and selected in the random drawing. Looking forward to checking this one off the list.


There is a running with power book PDF out there, probably costs something. Apparently its worth a read, the bible of running with power? Stryd website will point you in the direction required.

@ [Jolyzara] Where did you get that information from? Are there really no serious runners using Stryd, maybe a Google will answer that. I guess the same sweeping statements were said in the day about bike power meters many years back. Some people don’t like change and I guess if somethings worked for you for 20 years then why change.

I’ve been using the Stryd Powerpod and I do like it. The FTP, or critical power, CP is estimated by doing several flat out efforts over varying distance and continually updates. If you don’t do that regularly within 90 days you CP will reduce, the case with mine, it’s drifted from 355w to 335w.

For me I find pacing with power a lot better than judging with pace and heart rate. BUt I’m not a road runner so terrain alters fats for me. It reacts instantly to changes I do. It helps me back off on inclines quickly, with a quick glance to verify my RPE. Really find it no different to use than my cycling power meter and associated graph.


So the runs FINALLY feel good after 2 months-ish of barryP

As in, they didnt feel “bad” for the past few months…but now they legit feeeeeel good. I’m looking forward to them and feel great after them.

Lets hope i can carry this feeling when i add harder intervals


Sweet! I was rejected… again… for the 5th time. Where’s the love NYC? It would have been fun to run Boston and NYC in the same season. Oh well, they have a guaranteed entry to 2024 if you do the Virtual race… but that also has very limited slots.

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Cowtown was great as usual. I got my marathon PR in December, so I just ran the Half for fun with friends. They did have the USATF Half Marathon Championships at Cowtown, so it was cool to see all the elite athletes take off. The men completed the Half in like 1:02, just crazy fast. Our running group has a tent setup on the last mile, so the most fun is just hanging out after, with a cold one, and cheering on everyone else.

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It doesn’t make sense to me they have the qual times but limit the amount of entries. Especially with what seems to be harder/faster times than other races yet the majority of participants are random drawing. I suppose it allows for greater participation?

Anyway, good luck at Boston and hopefully you get into NY sooner rather than later.

My buddies also have a tent out there. I would have been out there but it was my daughter’s bday party that afternoon.

You could see a Stryd pod on Gustav Iden’s shoes when they recorded the outside workouts in Sierra Nevada.

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Thanks all, my runs are all in the open in a neighborhood with trees, but not a canopy. I think it’s the phone. I’ve read that sometime just a restart can help improve GPS tracking. I typically begin every run with some walking so I assumed that was good enough to get the phone and satelites together.

Ha! I actually came really close to getting something similar. I might actually do it!

I am sure there is someone out there. I ran on a nationally ranked XC & track team, ran on a sponsored post-collegiate team (I was the slow one out there but some qualified & competed in the World Champs and Olympics) under some of the top coaches in the nation. I currently coach, know coaches who are coaching top ranked teams, go to coaching clinics… and no one has ever used “power” as a measurable metric or something they use. To be honest the vast majority don’t even use heart rate. Coaches assign efforts at “tempo” (which actually is a huge range), 10k race pace, 5k race pace, mile pace, etc. It is a different world compared to cycling, which is driven my metrics and data. Running data is from race performance and goal pace. For the most part running is still mostly by feel.


I did this once or twice with my 520+ before I bought a cheap FR45, something didn’t work about it - can’t remember what though.

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It will take a marathon WR due to a PM to change that, and I think Nike still have all the available hype for the foreseeable.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t useful though.


How does that work? How many slots are there, and how do you find out?

Also, are you local so you can particpate in the 9+1 program?

Now that I’ve proven to myself that I want to run fairly regularly I might just get a watch unit…

Recommendations for a basic version? Garmin? Others?

My Forerunner 45+ is a few years old but you can still get them cheap.

This is a (quickly googled) cheapish 55:


The lower-end forerunners are great. I have a 35 that’s ~5 years old, and even now I don’t really feel the need for an upgrade.
Just does the basics, but really solidly and with no extra stress. TBH I feel like I get the same amount of actually actionable info as my Fenix-wearing training partners, only I spend 20 minutes less standing around looking at all the other bells and whistles after my run :joy:

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There’s no consensus on what running power means or how to measure it. So I am in the camp who consider it not useful. Steve Magness is another member.

Even with a reliable way to measure it, it’s simply unnecessary. Running pace is already a very good indicator of both effort and progress. In runners you do not have the numerous variables such as rolling resistance and substantial aero impact like you have in cycling that limit speed as a useful metric.