TR Power Update Lag

Hi folks,

I have have an inconsistent issue with workouts in which the power recorded does not match the actual power output from the trainer.

The easiest way to explain this is via the snaps below. In all of the examples highlighted the power has increased to the target (based on feel) but the change is not reflected in the TR app. After a random period of time the app then catches up and displays the correct value.

Has anyone experienced this before? I use my phone for trainer control and have tried the following fixes but have yet to confirm if they work as I cannot recreate the issue.

1 - Ensure internet connectivity at all times during workout
2 - Move phone closer to Trainer and ensure battery is charged
3 - Bluetooth on phone is off at all times
4 - Connected Trainer to Zwift using Bluetooth (via Macbook) to compare power values. Zwift displays the correct power change at each TR interval.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also I’m guessing the Ramp Test result may have been marginally impacted by the lower power intervals? Not a big issue.


Happened again last night.

I increased the intensity by 3% prior to commencing the first interval on this block. Not sure if it cause the issue as it never repeated when dropped it to 2% later in the set.