TR power smoothing

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere (I tried to search for it), but is there any reason to change the default power smoothing setting in the TR app of 5 secs? Should it change when using a powermeter and powermatch for any reason?

Smoothing only affects your display of power, nothing else. 5 seconds is a good balance, but depending where on the transmission you are measuring power then you might change it:

  1. Wheel-on trainer (I.e. Road Machine with a speed sensor), try 3s
  2. Wheel off trainer (Direto etc), try 5s
  3. Crank Based (Quarq et al), 5-7s
  4. Pedals (Assioma etc), 7-10s

In the end its personal preference; I used 3s on my Road Machine and found that when I swapped to the Direto I was always chasing the number so dialled it back to 5 seconds and am much happier.

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I have a wheel-on trainer & a crank PM.
I’ve set TR screen to 3s & headunit to 5s. Seems to give me best of both worlds, using 5s during longer intervals and when I get tired (easier to keep smoother power with a smoother number display); using 3s for shorter intervals, higher power intervals, and also when I tire (easier to bump up a 3s reading than a 5s reading).

Trial & error to find what works best for you.

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Thanks Ian. That’s exactly what I was after. Have just purchased the Assiomas so will look to lengthen the smoothing a bit from default 5s