Testing out the Garmin XC100's

Hi all. Yesterday I wanted to test my Garmin XC100’s along with my Tacx Flux trainer. The trainer was hooked up to the TrainerRoad app and my pedals to a Garmin head unit. Both started at more or less the same time. I’ve just used the DC Rainermaker Analyzer tool to compare them and TR is just super smooth when compared to the pedals. Though the averages do mix pretty nicely. I was just wondering if TR does some extra “smoothing” before being exported.

I haven’t tested the pedals outdoors yet but if anyone has any questions about them, then I will do my best to answer them.

Why you connect the pedals only on Garmin?

I connect my Vector 3 to TR App and Garmin, the Tacx Neo2 is only connected to TR and of course i use the new Powermatch 2.0 so TR and Garmin is totally equal

It was more to test the accuracy of the pedals overall without any outside interference. Say if they were reading ridiculously high for example I would know this when outside on the road and account for that.

Seems like your trainer is doing some power smoothing before reporting it to TR, which makes sense to me because I think the Neo generates power numbers with an algorithm rather than a real power meter. TR itself should write the power exactly as it receives it into the file it generates.


Yes, the Flux is known to smooth the power data quite a bit. TR is NOT doing that.