Direto - Optimum settings?

I’ve done a search but can’t find a definitive answer to this.

I’ve set my power smoothing to 6 and circumference to 2070 in the Elite app. Do I mirror these settings in the TR app or do I leave them at default levels?

Basically does TR take the settings from the app or from the trainer when using a smart trainer?

TR sends target wattage to dorito, and displays you power reported back along with speed and cadence. What are you trying to achieve with those settings?

The only time I use the Elite app is to calibrate the trainer and have never felt the need to change anything in it.

Any changes I’ve made, power smoothing and the like, have been within the TR app.

Use 2070 in trainerroad as well.

For power smoothing, the elite setting changes how much smoothing is applied before the power data is sent to trainerroad. Higher settings will make it look like the reaction time to an interval is slower and the graph will be less choppy. Lower settings are more ‘true’ to your actual power output.

The TR setting (as i understand) makes the data displayed during a workout look smoother but doesn’t change what is recorded.