TR Polarized Plan - Same training for Base & Build Phase? Making Sense?

While I am checking the workouts for polarized plans in TR from Base & Build phase, both of them using 1 VO2Max, 1 threshold session, and rest for endurance workouts.

Is it making sense to use the same training for both phase? Since I also try to compare the SSB base/build phase, and see there is more training types in build phase, such as anerobic workout… for example…

Wondering if you can help me to understand better in this regards, thanks

The first few weeks of the build is the same as the base. However, the build continues ramping time in POL Zone 3 more. Ex. 4x16 vs 3x16 or 12x2 vs 9x2, build vs base respectively.

However what’s right depends on your goals and needs as an athlete. If you need anerobic work and want to do it during build, add that in place of a VO2, or change the VO2 to something with a hard start to tax that system. Or if you just want to work on sprints, add a few 15 sec max sprints into an endurance ride or two during the week. If you have the time later in training, just leave it for specialty phase.