TR plans alongside Indoor bike classes

A question that @chad might be able to answer best but there must be other people in this situation and overcome this who can offer feedback. I say Chad as this seems similar to where TR evolved from.

I’m looking at coming back to TR but I’d like to know how I can best combine TR plans with attendance at a cycle/tri specific indoor bike class which takes the form of either 1 hour weekday or 1.5hr weekend session. These are on wattbikes and tend to be interval based with the odd steady state or race sim thrown in.

I should add first, I’m unsure which plan I would follow, that being tri or road specific as I’m unsure on what I will focus on next year with different race entries being up in the air.

Is it as simple as swap out the 2 x TR sessions on the days I attend or would that impact the TR plan to much?

Should I choose a low volume plan to then allow me to do those sessions in addition?

These sessions on avg come in at .75 to .85 IF could I just plan these in with the new the calendar?

How have others run TR and mixed them with training sessions that don’t match the TR plan?