TR outdoor workouts rest period

Hello guys/gals,

I love using the outdoor workouts on my garmin, I know some workouts are better done indoors but if you get a workout that has say 5 minutes recovery between intervals but you’ve got 6-7 minutes to a decent section of road, does this extended rest period alter the overall workouts intention? I live in a place that’s got a lot of long downhill sections between flat or hilly roads.

The way I do the workouts at the minute is, I’ll complete a set, wait till I get to the road I need then press lap to start the next interval.

Any Info would be appreciated.

The longer the recovery the less it matters. For example, 8 min vs 10 min will be almost negligible, while 3 min to 5 min is significant.

Are you able to turn around on the downhill road and do it uphill?

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Personally, once the rest interval is over five minutes, I tend not to stress about it too much as long as it’s within reason. Under five minutes rest, and I try to stick to the workout interval lengths, for rest and work intervals.