Long Rest for Outdoor Long Intervals

I have 2x15’ Tempo intervals on the plan tomorrow with 3min rest. I have a nice 3% grade climb that will be perfect for the intervals, but by my estimation it will take ~8min to get back to the start.

I’ve searched and seen conflicting info on whether that will impact the physiological training response or Adaptive Training?

I know it’s hard but try not to over-think it… Yes, more rest makes the workout easier… but how much? Probably not enough to worry about IMO. Enjoy the good weather (or at least good enough to ride outside) and crush your workout!


For tempo intervals, the duration of the rest isn’t super important. As long as you’re rested enough to go again it’s fine.

It won’t have an impact on Adaptive Training.

Physiologically? Maybe, but as others said, it won’t have a huge impact – I wouldn’t worry about it much. Enjoy getting the work done outdoors!


As others have said - essentially no difference. If it makes you feel better do 2x20 or the full length of your climb.

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Imagine a 4x15 separated by 5’ each, and a 4x15’ separated by 60’ of zone 2. That last 15’ starting at hour 4 would likely be as hard or harder than if you were doing it 90’ in. Most people do intervals as quickly as they recover to compress training time, not necessarily because there are benefits of stacking intervals closely together. There’s some nuance here, but for tempo intervals I think spreading them out is fine, if not potentially beneficial.


Thanks for the advice. Got the workout done today and thankfully since I was on the gravel bike it was slow enough I flipped around at the rest and didnt have to descend all the way to the start to have enough mileage to do the 2nd.

Follow up question though- at the 3minute rest mark, the garmin (540) auto-started the 2nd interval. I just hit the pause button until I turned around. Is there a way to set it up so that the rest can take as long as needed and then just hit the lap button to start the 2nd interval?

Maybe don’t push the workout to the head unit and just hit the lap manually at the top & bottom of the hill?

Usually TR outdoor workouts have a “press lap to proceed” lap programmed in before the next workout set begins. I’d assume that file has an error in it.

Ok touch screen garmins you can swipe up on the workout screen to pause the workout but not your ride. There’s probably a button on the 540 that will do that too?