TR occasional lock up

Dear internewt,

I have an intermittent issue with TR locking up mid ride. I am running it on an old Samsung Tab 4 BT to a Tacx Neo. Every so often it locks up on me. I only notice when the timer stops updating. I kill the process and it recovers ok. The problem is it has happened a couple of times during a work interval and ends up destroying the whole session as the RPE getting back in just redlines every time and I crash out. I suspect it may be due to WiFi drop outs. I have noted that our WiFi sometimes drops external access and prioritizes the kids high bandwidth games. Although I cannot be sure or even think of a way to test this I suspect this might be in play.

Any thread on this? I didn’t find one in the search.

This happens to me occasionally. The most recent time I submitted an email to tech support. They said to delete and reinstall the app. Also close any other apps running. Hard to say if it worked or not because it occurred so rarely.

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I’ve had the same thing on my Galaxy 7 phone. It’s frustrating, but the only thing that seems to work for me is restarting the phone. The app picks up where it messed up.

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The TrainerRoad App does not require WiFi to operate, so crashing issues like the one you’re experiencing are typically a performance issue that occurs when your device runs out of processing power.

Aside from closing out of all background apps and delete/re-installing TrainerRoad, another thing to check is that your battery is not in battery-saving mode since this will throttle back the performance of your device. Make sure you are in the highest-performance setting available. In some cases, leaving your device plugged into power can help with performance as well if this continues to be an issue.

If you continue to have trouble, go ahead and reach out to our Support Team at and they will be happy to help you troubleshoot further :+1:.

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I’m running TR on an older Android phone. I need to clear my Google Play Services cache every week or so and reboot otherwise my phone succumbs to memory-leak-like symptoms. For TR in particular, this manifests similar to how you describe. I get freezes which get progressively longer as the workout progresses. But it’s not just TR that’s affected in my case.

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