TR equivalent for Sufferfest - Knighthood

Someone I know just did the Sufferfest Knighthood challenge (or whatever that is called). I have been thinking that TR could do something similar with a bunch of 2 hour Sweet Spot Workouts back to back (or maybe mixing it up between different types). I know this wouldn’t necessarily make you a faster cyclist. But I love crazy ideas like that. What would be a good mix that takes about a day or so to complete?

Entirely unofficial, and unsupported by TR, but we did this event late last year, that is a bit like your request. We had T-shirts available for purchase and a live chat during the big day.


If you search for 8DC in workouts there are a few 8-day challenges from a few years ago modelled around a stage race storyline.


Oh yeah. I think there are 3 years worth of that.

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