TR Endurance rides

Jury’s still out for me, but in the month I’ve been following a TR HV Masters plan, the Endurance power targets have been right at the top of what I would shoot for on “z2” days, so they’ve been grippier at all durations. Having said that, I’ve gotten them done, and I think it’ll be an improvement. I’ve been good on my intensity days.

I think also that I wasn’t convinced on a fixed 3 on 1 off schedule as it seemed too “cookie cutter”, but those super compensation weeks are a great mental break I can feel my body responding, even when I didn’t feel wrecked coming into the week.


Nice @Jesse_Vernon1!

I also see you do all your training outdoors :fire:

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Outdoors > indoors, for me. It’ll be interesting to see if the next AIFTP confirms what I’m feeling, but I suppose that I have to recognise that it could be shorter duration/repeatability that’s improving, and that might not show.

TLDR for me is that I think nudging up the intensity on endurance hasn’t slowed down my hard workouts. Having said that, if I tried to used TR targets for Endurance over a training camp of 5 days where I was doing 4-6 hours per day, it might too much.

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