TR & Elite Direto problem

Ive been using Traineroad with my Elite Direto for a few weeks now. The Direto was new when i started using it with TR. On tonights workout, sometimes when the intervals were changing the resistance would get easier and cadence and power readings would keep rising to silly levels… anyone else experienced this? I re-installed the Elite app on my phone and updated the TR app. Plan to try a 45 min ride in the morning to see if it has fixed the issue.

PS. Using a Samsung S6

I was having similar issues see this thread for details…

Edit: I’d also look into signal interference (nearby routers, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc…) was reading on a few other threads that could be an issue.

Also, are you running your S6 off of battery? If so perhaps the battery was getting low…

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I run TR on a Galaxy S7. I had similar problems. After a process of elimination (and a few helpful bits of analysis and advice from the TR helpdesk) it became apparent that bluetooth and Ant+ were conflicting in their transmission of signals from trainer to phone.

The solution was to disable bluetooth and run everything on Ant+ (Trainer, cadence sensor, HR monitor) and I’ve had dozens of trouble free workouts since.

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Tried this morning with bluetooth off, seemed to be fine. But then started to wander again. Will restart phone and check for app updates etc before next ride. Also have my laptop in to watch youtube etc while riding, dont think it has bluetooth though so dont think that should make a difference. Screenshot_20181212-063517|281x500

I believe the cadence on the Direto is just a calculation and a bit flaky.

I purchase a cheap cadence sensor and have no problems.