TR dropping power readings over bluetooth after 20 minutes when not the primary app (iphone)?

Over the last month, I have begun off-season rides, mainly at work during my lunch break. For these rides, I am more looking at consistency in getting on the bike and time on the saddle mostly spent in an endurance-like zone. To break the monotony, I generally watch trash tv or netflix or something as my primary app with the TR app running in the background. I have now seen consistent stoppage of power data recorded in TR after 20mins. This happened on 11/5, 11/6, 11/7, 11/21, and again today 12/3. I changed batteries in the PM (Stages L) with no effect. I don’t see any battery settings or anything that should be turning off my BT. And when I am watching these shows I have BT earbuds on as well, which never drop out. At the end of the aforementioned rides when the data recording comes back, I had just closed out the other apps, bringing the TR app to the front again. Has anyone else seen this? I am running TestFlight SW v2019.36.1 (91674)

edited to add username in TR: furgala

Hey @Furg17,

Our Support Team will be your best resource for troubleshooting this issue since they have the ability to read your logs and determine exactly what is going wrong.

You can reach them at :+1:.