2 trainers and 2 people doing TR at the same time

I currently use a stac halcyon and my wife has a toaster, I mean elite tuo. Today we were trying to do a wo at the same time. She started earlier than me and her trainer was working great. As soon as I started my trainer her her iphone picked up my power instead of her trainer. So trainer road was not controlling her trainer at all.

She was using an iphone 11 and I was using an ipad.

Anyone else have had this problem?

If you have ever paired a training device with TR app on a mobile device, TR will grab that training device anytime it is active.

The solution is that you need to remove (I think the term is “Forget Device” in the app) any device from the TR Devices list, from the mobile device that you DON’T want to access that data. Essentially, your wife must only pair to her training devices on her TR app device, and you must do the same for all your devices.

Any “sharing” where you have a training device available on your TR app device will lead to issues like this.


Yes. But sadly that was not the case… My wife phone has never been paired to my halcyon and the iPad has never been paired to the toaster.

The iphone was showing only one active device, the tuo. The iPad was showing the halcyon, my power meter and my ohrm

My wife’s phone was just picking the power readings from the either the halcyon or my power meter. The tuo was just doing nothing. I was surprised when my wife was suddenly doing 200w! :rofl:

Not sure if it’s a phone, or tuo issue.

Well, that’s a bummer then.

This is a very common problem in lots of circumstances. I use my iPad for TR, but my heart rate strap and power meter are also paired with my iPhone. It seems as if the device that gets a hold of my power meter and heart rate strap first, locks in the connection. The only fix that I have found is to disable Bluetooth on my phone when that happens, make sure all the sensors are paired with the iPad and then re-enable Bluetooth on my phone.

The other solution is the one @mcneese.chad mentioned.


This would make sense if I would have pair any of my stuff on her iphone or her trainer on the iPad. But that’s not the case.

The iphone has no knowledge of halcyon, my power meter or my ohrm. The iPad has no knowledge of the tuo.

I could understand the case where I’ve pair the equipment to multiple devices and all got confused. But in this case is like the halcyon or the power tab c1 was over taking the Bluetooth channel of the tuo

Elite and TrainerRoad just don’t get along well. Firstly , TR doesn’t even have the capacity to do calibration from ant+. Either BT or ant+ I get insane dropouts all the time. Switched to my husbands kickr with everything else being the same and not one hiccup. With ant+ and my Elite, I get like 5-10 second dropouts about 2-3 per ride, which is better than BT.

Here’s the crazy part. If my husband gets on his trainer on Zwift with BT (not even ant) while I’m riding, everything will drop. And it will do it again if he finishes his ride before me as well.

The moral of my story is that it’s probably just gonna suck, because TR doesn’t play nice with Elite or vice versa :sweat_smile:

This sounds really weird!

One thing to check is if PML (power meter link) is activated on the Tuo? This is the option where you can link an external power meter to the Tou - I’d be surprised if you could activate this by accident though.

I didn’t really get on with PML on my Zumo - you could never be sure where the power data was coming from!

I’ve used TR with Elite for 3yrs no and never had a dropout (I’m using BT)

I’m currently running it on a MacBook, but have used a PC previously having glitches with both. Maybe you have a better device? Less annoying with ant+ than with BT. I run zwift via apple tv through BT now so that’s not an option currently even if it was better.

Oh I’ve also tried my phone and same thing. I just deal with it now and hope the interference doesn’t happen during a vo2 interval is all.

I use an old windows laptop or an old Andriod phone, both BT with no issues.

Contract support with your issues and see what they suggest? (apparently they are very good)

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