TR, CABLE, Quarq power meter issue

I’m running TR on my iPhone and i’m using a CABLE device to pair my Quarq Riken for both power and cadence. i also have a Kickr Core paired via Bluetooth (that does not have cadence).

The power looks fine but the cadence is behaving weirdly. It looks normal if i am pedaling but if I stop pedaling, it freezes at wherever number it was at and does not drop to zero at all or, takes a long time to drop. This does not happen when using my Garmin outdoors (direct ANT+) and it did not happen when previously running TR on my laptop and connecting via ANT+. Any ideas what is going on?

This does not appear to be affecting the workouts except that i miss the auto pause feature.

What do you mean you are using a cable to pair your Quarq?

He is talking about this CABLE - North Pole Engineering, Inc. Store

I thought that’s what it may be… a lot of these cause issues like this if you can even get your devices to pair in the first place. We don’t officially support these devices and we haven’t optimized or built anything to allow these to work without issue.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you!

Hey STP!

While many people have luck using the CABLE bridging device with TrainerRoad, we don’t technically support the CABLE. In order to make everything work perfectly with bridging devices, it requires a good amount of upfront development and upkeep, and sadly, each bridging device has its own protocol. That means that every device on the market would need individual attention and care to bring into full compatibility, and we feel that our Development Resources are better spent on other projects.

We hope that, in the future, bridging devices all adopt one common protocol which will allow us to develop for just one protocol.

Sorry I don’t have better news for you :pensive:

So should I give up on the iPhone and go back to using my laptop? Now I’m worried my Ant+ power meter pairing can’t be trusted.