Power meter calibration failure

I have my Quarq power meter connected to TR through my 4iiii heart rate monitor that is also a bluetooth bridge. When i go to calibrate it though it takes along time and comes up saying failed. It does read my power though. Is this important to have done our should i just run with how it is working now. If any one has any suggestions on how to get it to calibrate would be very helpful.

Hi Adam :stuck_out_tongue:
Does your PM have to be connected via the 4iiii? What is the reason you need to connect it through the bridge and not directly?

Please confirm you precise configuration, but here is a guess from your info:

  1. Older Quarq PM with ANT+ only broadcast?
  2. TR run on Apple Mobile product with Bluetooth only?
  3. Using the Viiiiva to bridge:
    • QPM ANT+ > Viiiiva ANT+ IN > Viiiiva BLE OUT > Apple BLE for TR?

Not sure if TR really supports that type of setup for calibration purposes?
May be best to contact support@trainerrroad.com to see what they can tell you.

Yes it is the older Quarq power meter which is Ant+ so i am using the 4iiii to bridge.

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Yes you are right that is the set up i am using. I have now contacted TR and they have given me a couple of options so ill see how it goes.

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Download Qualvin from Quarq’s website and before loading TR, open the software and calibrate through that.

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