TR AT shows Not Recommended after session

Hi all,

I did Red Lake +2 today. Prior to doing the workout my AT progression level for VO2 Max was something like 5.5. I completed the workout, and it was hard, but not super hard.

However, the original workout was classed for me as achievable, but on completion the ride registered ‘not recommended’.

Can’t anyone explain that?


In the apps there is currently a known issue where WL and PL changes are not displaying correctly. Your career page should show the correct changes, and the web is fixed.


I had the same problem. Today, it doesn’t show as “not recommended” any more, but instead as “stretch” and also shows both a primary and secondary adaptation.

Still showing as Not Recommended although my career PL for VO2 Max was boosted to 5.8 wiith a +1 for Anaerobic.

I can see that my next VO2 Max workout is Red Lake +3 next week which is PL 6.4 and TR shows that as Productive. Not sure what’s going on there.

This is correct! Go to the web version for the truth (lol) until we get the mobile apps and desktop apps fixed and showing the correct Progression Levels! Cheers.