Over 190 kph (TdF, here I come! rofl)

Maybe not news or maybe just me. I didn’t see anything about this in recently active threads.

Last week, indoor workouts synced to Strava and Garmin Connect reported speeds around 24 kph. This week, they started reporting speeds over 190 kph (recorded with the TR app). “Get Faster,” sure, but I don’t want to drive that fast, much less ride a bike that fast. I know trainer speed data is fake, but that’s a little too fake.

A little poking around in the app in Settings found that, somehow the wheel circumference was 17300, which seems crazy. I didn’t touch the settings between last week and this week, so not sure how that got changed.

I did a little math ((Warlow +1 speed from last week / Warlow +2 speed from this week) * 17300) and came up with what seems like a more realistic wheel circumference (2112). I suspect that will fix it or close enough.

So if you’re indoor ride speed suddenly goes haywire, check the wheel circumference setting.

And if that doesn’t fix it, “I’ll be back.”

17300? Did you have a penny farthing mounted on your trainer? :scream: :rofl:

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Wheel circumference chart above, and plenty calculator on the internets :slightly_smiling_face: Should help correct yours.

17300 is about 5.5m diameter (18ft):face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, my point was that I didn’t change the wheel circumference setting between reasonable and unreasonable measurements.

And the trainer is a Saris H3, so no real wheel to size. :slightly_smiling_face: