TR app crashes mid ride

Hi team!

New TR user. Was in the middle of a hard workout (for me) today and TR app crashed. I finished the workout on my own with my bike computer but, as a result of the crashed app, It shows up as incomplete.

I know what really counts is that I got the work done….but my monkey brain wants TR credit / wants it to be factored into adaptations. Is there any way to fix this / upload a power file?

Welcome to TrainerRoad, and apologies for the trouble! This definitely isn’t a normal occurrence, please reach out to the team at so they can take a look at your devices, help look for firmware updates, and see whats going on to fix that and also give you credit for that work!

Rather than start my own thread, I’m picking one that has the same name and question.

Is anyone experiencing app crashing lately?

I wanted to see if it was a common issue, or perhaps just my devices, before contacting support.

I update the (beta) app every Tuesday when it releases. I’ve tried clearing all cache/device memory per my last interaction with support, but I seem to be getting the app closing on me at least every second ride, if not every ride (it certainly feels more frequent than it probably is).

(Also, @ZackeryWeimer or whoever replies, should I re-calibrate the trainer after it does a crash/restart mid ride?)

Hey there! Sorry to hear about your beta app crashing.

It doesn’t seem to be a common issue we’re hearing about right now. Since you’re running the beta app, it’s important to understand that it’s not a final product. Beta versions of TrainerRoad are stable, but they may crash.

At what point when using the app do you experience a crash? That information can help us understand what might need fixing.

Here are a few other steps we can try in the meantime:

  • Restart your device if you haven’t done so in a while.
  • Make sure your device isn’t set to power-saving mode.
  • Close any other apps that may be running in the background. Multitasking can result in freezing/crashing.
  • Avoid switching out of the app while using it.

If that doesn’t help, we’d advise downloading the production (non-beta) version of the TR app while we get those beta issues sorted.

Your trainer won’t need to be calibrated if you wind up needing to restart your ride – the calibration data will still be “fresh” and stored internally in the trainer itself, so you’ll be good to go on that front!

Please do let me know any additional info on when your beta app is crashing, and feel free to ask any other questions as well. :slight_smile:

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