TR app Battery life % readings

How accurate do you find TR’s app at reading the power meter’s battery life remaining?

If it matters, garmin V3


TR app will always be off if other BT connections are flying around, or if it reconnects after pausing. The app constantly puts my HR at something like 18% and PM at 45%. Other times both at 100%.

It’s not the TR app that’s off - it’s the measurement from the device that is being transmitted over Bluetooth. The TR app is just reporting the data it receives.

I’ve found that some devices seem to default to a 100% battery reading when they are first powered on and connected to any app.

The more accurate readings come after some period of time - say, 5+ mins or so. Even then, the accuracy of the battery measurement is a bit iffy, and inconsistent.

The general rule I follow is if the average reading from several sessions is about 25%, I change the battery.

I actually contacted Wahoo about this when I started using a BT only device to run TR. Before I switched I was using a Bontrager Speed and Cadence sensor(dual BT and ant+) for virtual power and a Garmin HR monitor(ant+ only) with a very old PC. The battery life levels seemed pretty accurate for my use.

I switched to a chromebook and purchased a Wahoo TickrX to record HR and used the old Bontrager sensor for speed and cadence. The reported TickrX battery levels were always funky. They would always start low and then bump up after a couple minutes. They also seemed to drop at a faster rate than the Bontrager sensor.

I contacted Wahoo after replacing the battery and seeing a battery level drop of almost 20% from one ride to the next and I was worried that something was wrong with it considering that I hadn’t changed the battery in the old Garmin HR monitor in two years. According to them, my TickrX doesn’t send battery information to connected devices or apps.

Funny thing is that a couple months ago I was doing an outdoor ride and my Wahoo Bolt gave me a low battery warning. I thought is was my 4iiii powermeter but about halfway through my ride my TickrX died and didn’t record any HR data for the rest of the ride.

I ignore the battery levels now and just wait until it doesn’t connect to TR. If my Bolt gives me that warning, I replace the battery ASAP even if the TickrX doesn’t transmit battery info :wink:

Interesting. My Polar OH1 basically always reports low yellow. Never put too much thought into it, but yeah it’s always in"charge me" zones.

TR consistently reports my Wahoo Cadence sensor battery as low - running TR on Win10 and connecting the device via BT. I’ve learned to just ignore it. I use the same sensor on my Edge 520 (over ANT+, however) and don’t get such a reading. I’ve never diagnosed the issue. It works.

Well, my issue is the app is reading 50% life.

I received an alert on my garmin head unit.

I have ridden another 5.5 hours since the alert