Power differences between TR App and Garmin

I’ve seen a lot of threads on power differences - most seem to involve smart trainers. I don’t have one - just a ‘dumb’ Kenetic fluid trainer and PowerTap P1 pedals.

I recently discovered that my TR App is showing watts anywhere from 10 to 18 watts higher than my Garmin. I thought (was hoping) that it was an issue with my Garmin until i borrowed a Wahoo element bolt today. Running all three at the same time - TR App, Garmin and Wahoo Element Bolt. The Wahoo and the Garmin agreed, my TR App still read high. Was running 3 second smoothing on all three.

All of my training progression is tied to TR - so its relative to me, but i use my Garmin on my outdoor rides…no wonder it feels ‘harder’ outside.

Is there a power match thing i am supposed to do? Something else obvious that I am missing?

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Power match only is relevant to the combination of power meter and smart trainer. So you can take that out of the equation. Were you using the same protocol for all the devices i.e. Ant+? The P1 pedals over Bluetooth only capture the left side and double the power vs Ant+ captures true left/right power. In my experience, my left balance is 48% and when I use Bluetooth that equals 4% (48% x 2 = 96%) loss which is roughly 10 watts. I stopped using Bluetooth because the workouts were way to hard vs Ant+.

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Thanks Brian - that might be it. My power disappears from the TR app when i do single (right) leg drills. That might explain the bluetooth connection.

How do i switch my TR App to read Ant+? I do frequently get a message on my Garmin when riding outside that my right power meter is missing. Could that connection also be accidentally switched to bluetooth?

Maybe I should start reading the manuals on my tech devices…

Thanks for the help!

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What device are you using to run TR?

Hey Chad - I am using my old iPhone 6s (dedicated for TR)

Ok, with Apple, you only have native Bluetooth.

There is an adapter for ANT+, but it is an accessory you would have to buy.

That or use an Android device with native ANT+, or a PC/Mac with an ANT+ USB stick.

Great - thanks Chad. I have a Mac PC and and an ANT+ USB stick maybe i’ll try running that instead of the iPhone.

Will have to find another screen to stream bike races while I train!

Thanks again.

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