PM Battery Level vs TR App

Wondering if anyone else experiences the following:

  1. activate power meter (L-side Stages)
  2. calibrate using Stages app; shows 100% battery level
  3. pair PM w/ TR app; shows 18% battery (now down to 6% since last week)

(reposted answer from a different forum)

The TR app just reports the value we get from the power meter, but there’s a possibility something funky is going on with the Bluetooth device battery characteristic when paired with our app.

Possible solution:

  1. activate power meter (L-side Stages)
  2. pair AND calibrate using ONLY TR app; shows 100% battery level
    (3. pair w/ TR first; shows 100% battery…then calibrate using PM app; flips to lower battery level)

Thoughts? Suggestions?

My Stages always shows 42% battery in TR. I just ignore it.

As you can see, TR needs to do a lot of work on this subject. I have a Ticket with them already!

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I can confirm this as well.

Stages L Gen 3

Yep, same here. Stages LR PM (3G). Paired and calibrated using TR app (android). TR app shows 10% battery life remaining. Garmin Edge 520 and Stages app both show 100% battery life.

I have exactly the same issue with a second generation Stages. Even a brand new battery reads 18% in TR.


2nd gen Stages here with constant Lo-Batt as well.

I can confirm that my stages constantly shows between 18-24 percent in TR and 100 percent on stages app. I have noticed when it decides to go from 24 down to 18 it will change the device block from green to yellow. This is done but there is times during a workout it will go back to green and give a few second fall out of cadence reading. This usually only happens once during the workout and can be at any point but it’s always when the block switch back from yellow to green(battery life). I’ve tested with multiple new batteries and percentage and issue persists. Not the end of the world but would also feel better if this known issue was addressed.

It’s a Stages firmware issue, which I raised a ticket with Stages a couple of months ago, after checking out with the LightBlue BLE app. Their response was that it is an issue with their BLE coding but that the Ant+ connect reports correctly. Impacts Stages G3 L and L/R running 1.30, don’t know about G2 or other firmware versions.
Stages support passed into their dev team and a fix ‘may make it into 1.40’

If it’s a stages issue why does other apps using Bluetooth connection show correct battery levels? I don’t connect with ant plus on anything but my bolt. However indoors I don’t use the bolt only my iPhone so it’s hard for me tonjnderstand if it’s a Bluetooth issue why it wouldn’t be an issue across the board with all apps?

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Don’t know why other apps show ok battery levels, could be because they don’t update the battery level they get via BLE very often. Symptoms I saw were that Stages reports 100% initially and then drops to 42% after a few mins, and if the battery is anything other than brand new, 18%. Tested various batteries and 3 different Stages G3 cranks, and checked the battery level being broadcast using a BLE diagnostic tool on my iPhone. It showed the 42% level being broadcast on the BLE Battery Level service by the Stages. So not even connecting to TR app.
All I can think is that unlike TR which gives a live battery level published by the Battery Level Service, the other apps just check the battery once on the initial connect and then don’t bother to refresh.

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makes sense, appreciate the response. sure hope stages gets this fixed then, and my stages is a gen 2 so it must be firmware. It is odd still the momentary loss of cadence when it goes from yellow to green battery status in TR. It drops my kickrs resistance to 0 for about 5-10 seconds and then picks right back up. doesn’t happen from green to yellow, only from yellow to green which ive only had had happen once during each workout but in fact has happened on multiple workouts at different times during them, if that makes sense.

This. In BLE, a check on the battery level needs to be triggered by the app. Most apps will do this when the peripheral device is first discovered.

Some apps will build in periodic ongoing checks on the battery level - but this needs to be a feature programmed into the app, as battery level is not automatically broadcast every second, unlike the likes of power, speed, and heart rate data.

In my experience, many peripheral devices when first discovered show 100% battery power. And if checked again after a period of time, will show a quantity less than 100%. The accuracy of the battery level reported is driven by the charge sensing hardware and processing firmware on the peripheral decive. The app just reads the value broadcast by the peripheral device - so all apps will show the same value at a given point in time.

I’ve generally found that the battery level can bounce around quite a lot from session to session eg in my heart rate monitor. But when it consistently reads below 30%, it’s isually time to change.