TR Android app continues to crash on me

Ive been having a real issue with my TR android app crashing during workouts. It does it with no other app running simultaneously but does it even more frequently with just one app running. I cant even listen to my spotify playlists.

I’ve raised and responded with support to no success. Support even said the following to me which surely cant be right…

“multitasking is not recommended on Android devices and can cause issues like the one you experienced.”

I mean whats the point in having a device that offers multitasking if you cant use it?

I’m beginning to get to the end of my tether.

I use numerous other apps with zero crashing issues apart from the TR app.

Rant over sorry.

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You might want to change the title to refer to Android

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Valid point thanks. Updated now.

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I want to provide some clarification and let you know that I did bring this forum thread up to the team to make sure you get back on track.

To correct our earlier response, you should be able to multitask while using TrainerRoad. As a clarification, we recommend athletes don’t leave TR in the background for long periods of time, since some devices will automatically shut down apps in the background. It can vary from device to device, and this is most likely something we can solve with settings on the Android device itself.The team has followed up on your support thread to work through those Android device settings, go through some more in-depth troubleshooting, and isolate the source of the issues creating this experience for you.
Looking forward to getting you sorted out!

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