TR 2020 Running Thread

Okay so I’m trying to keep run training, RLRF on their 10km plan but obviously intervals are a bit tricky.

I’m sure I’m not the first to do this but in case not, and anyone wants to do 400, 800 reps etc. I’ve gone into Strava and created a private 400m segment, where I live:

Open up a run with the bit of route you want to use
Click Segments > …
Then you get this screen where you can move the start and end points

I used that for 8x 400 last night, 300m walk/jog then you can review your intervals afterwards (I was aiming for 1:41 but there is a bit of downhill at the end)


That’s something… it’s a shame the local running track hasn’t been left open during this time. I mean, they’re missing out on revenue anyway :confused:

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Is anyone else stuck with limited space & no trainer during COVID-19 quarantine? I am! :raising_hand_man:

It feels like a bad idea to take 14 days off (the duration of my quarantine), so I’m running instead. I thankfully have about a ¼ mile of road to play with.

I’m curious about others thoughts. Should I take the time off and accept the detraining? Or do you think there’s enough aerobic benefit to the running? What volume should I aim for relative to cycling volume?

Early last year I was running a 10 k in around 45 minutes (7:15 mile pace), so I’m not new to running, but it’s been a long while!

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Welcome to the forum @mdjnewman!

So start short and build slowly, and you’ll be fine. I wouldn’t go from zero running to running everyday, but perhaps 15-20mins every other day? Add some body weight exercises (Squats, lunges, planks, press-ups) at the end so you feel worked out too.

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this is entirely based off my own experience, but FWIW I was a fairly fit runner before I started cycling and I think my first ever FTP test was ~3.8w/kg? (obviously not groundbreaking, but definetly better than what you’d expect from an untrained cyclist.) So in my case I think a fair bit transferred over, and given you’re only taking 14 days off I think that would go a long way in maintaining fitness.

I’d definetly err on the side of caution when it comes to volume if you haven’t run in a while. The suggestion about bodyweight exercises is a good idea!


Have you seen The Bell curve of cylists - how fast are the average TR users? 3.8w/kg is better than I’d expect for a trained cyclist (and needless to say, much better than me! :laughing:) Off-topic I know and apologies for that but how long ago was that and where are you at now?

I’m no orthopedic doctor, I’d guess it’s still PF. I’m going to give you my mind dump of things to do for this condition based on a few bouts with it over the years.

  • Good shoes. Make sure they provide good support and aren’t worn out. I rotate thru different pairs throughout the week.
  • Always wear supportive shoes when standing. I keep a clean pair of retired running shoes to wear around the house at all times.
  • New PF insoles in shoes might help.
  • Stay stretched. Hamstrings, calf muscles. Repeatedly throughout the day, stretch your calf muscles and achilles with toes on the edge of the step dropping your heel, and stretch with heel on ground and toes against wall several inches above ground leaning body into wall.
  • Rolling bottom of foot with golf / tennis ball. Also frozen water bottle can be good (cold helps some).
  • I tried this a couple times and found it somewhat helpful.

Good luck.


Started running through my quarantine, then the federal and provincial governments got into a (polite, this being Canada after all) argument about walking outside during quarantine. On Friday, they (politely, of course) decided to agree, and decreed that walking outside was a bad idea. Keep in mind I was at day 10 of 14 at that point. Sort of late to play with the rules. Ah yes, Canada also decided the max penalty for failing to quarantine correctly (notwithstanding the disagreement on what “correctly” was supposed to mean) was not going to be $1 000 000, but rather $750 000. You could hear a collective sight of relief in the entire country. Anyway, I didn’t read those news until Sunday. So I’m not sure if the runs I did exposed me to a couple of millions in fines (are these cumulative, by the way?). Maybe some neighbor will get 10% of the fine as a gift for calling the police on me.

So no, not running right now. Quarantine ends tonight, so tomorrow’s another day.


Just called you in. We agreed that the fine would be for every occurrence retroactive to the start, so my 10% should be a nice sum. :grin: Cheers, enjoy the final day.


We were arguing whether taking the trash out was acceptable, since some versions had it as “stay in the house” vs others “don’t go on the street”. So if you add the trash and walking the dog twice a day for 10 days, that’s quite a sum.

:open_mouth: wow! 750k CAD That’s what I call a fine! I thought the fine imposed here was great but Canada took it to another level. Go Canada!

Here in Taiwan, we had an idiot who had tested positive (returning traveler IIRC) and was supposed to be in self-quarantine for 14d. He was caught out at a nightclub by the police. As a result, fined 1million NTD (~33USD) and put into a forced quarantine (vs at home).

I’m looking for a structured run programme for the next few months while we have no swimming any advice?

Jack Daniels…the book not the drink!

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Okay, bad news I’m in isolation with no treadmill.


I haven’t skipped since I was a kid, but I remember it being hard. Is 30mins skipping similar to a moderate 30min run?

Shuttle runs?

I think I can get about a 15m stretch in my garden, can you structure that a a semi interval kind of run?

Saw this a few weeks ago, interesting read and relevant to your question:

I used to skip a lot. With the right music, you zone out and go to the beat. Also, learn to vary your footwork. It is great cardio. Enjoy!

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Hmmm…you could maybe do a 15 minute brick run after a bike session? hopefully you’d retain some aerobic benefits from the bike, while still keeping specificity and running form.
You might even be able to structure it as some kind of circuit training and alternate laps with some strength work to keep things interesting.

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How do! I’m approaching the end of Pfitzinger’s base (30 miles/week) from Faster Road Racing. I’m not really feeling the inclination to commence a ‘build’ phase towards a certain distance; nor do I want to start over at a slightly faster pace.

Are there any recommended maintenance plans out there to keep me ticking over with this rediscovered running fitness?

Weird thing happened to me today. I was out for a run 2km in, nothing too special, when I started to feel a tightness in both my IT bands at the same time. Within about 500m I had to stop running. I tried a couple stretches to keep going but nothing worked and had to call for a pickup because I wouldn’t have been able to even walk home. I’m about 8 weeks into the famous BarryP running plan and have had zero issues until today building everything up really slowly. Does anybody have any ideas on why something like this would happen, especially to both IT bands simultaneously??? (That’s the part that really boggles my mind).

I recently saw a man doing a backyard ultra in his living room circling his couch and another running around some tables in what looked like a deserted small diner. A 15m stretch is pure luxury!

Jokes aside, tough break man, I hope you’re well and it’s just a preventive measure? If it’s only a week or two you can probably get away with no running, just trainer and strength and may come back stronger. Not running is sometimes the best training our tired old bodies can get.

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It’s okay I found out later it’s only my daughter who can’t leave the property - as I have no symptoms I’m allowed out but only to exercise, no food shopping etc. and have to stay away from everyone which isn’t too difficult.

Today is the first day it looks like she’s getting better, and none of us have developed symptoms so godwilling we’ll all be elevated from isolation to lockdown next Monday :slight_smile:

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