Tour de France 2021! (spoilers)

Sums up my feelings nicely. Gotta be a pity to watch the amazing performances we’ve seen this year and not be excited. I’m just happy to be able to watch and experience an awesome talent .


That sounds like so little. According to Strava Thomas de Gendt burned just over 5000 kcal on yesterdays stage. that leaves him with a deficit of 3000-3500 kcal. Truly bananas what the body is capable of.


That’s just GC with extra steps.


I feel bad for you then.


You sound like you’re fun at parties.


Where have I heard that before?

Ah, yes…


Nope, just people who like to enjoy sport rather than have everything ruined by unfounded skepticism.


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I was a few days back. Glad we can clean this thread up a bit.


I quite enjoy watching cycling, thanks.


I think you got it exactly backwards, as evidenced by the multiple sprinters that can’t finish a stage on time or need 2 team mates to pace them so they can barely make the time cut.

That being said, I do agree that being able to race multiple disciplines is more fun.

Let´s not forget That Pog won Liege-Bastogne-Liege and Bernal got 3rd in Strade Bianche. The times of hyperfocus on GC (ala Froome) seem to be over!


you say it’s too little, but bear in mind that this is a third of the consumed calories during the stage. If they have the same rates of fat vs carb consumption at a given percentage of FTP, but such a higher FTP, it could be the case that they get more energy from glycogen stores and fat than we would think.

For someone who can consume 1500-1700 calories during the riding, and who has a basal metabolic rate of perhaps 3000 calories (it is that hight due to the daily hard exercise), that would mean about 7-8000 calories to be consumed. If you distribute it among breakfast, pre-race meal, post race meal, dinner, etc… I think it is doable, if a bit tiring. I guess that they are sipping recovery drinks all the time, snacking regularly, and that may take some of the volume off the main meals.

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I agree with you that the sprinters and the GC riders are two sides of the same coin.

I wish Bernal had been interested/able to keep going on the mountain bike side while pursuing GC. He would certainly be in the mix in XCO these days.

This is from 2015: US Cup - Bonelli Park + UCI Junior Series XCO / US Cup - MTBCrossCountry


With so many sprinters out, I wonder if there just won’t be enough teams that want to chase the breaks on the “flat” stages coming up. Paris might be the only bunch sprint left. Just like there was a time when nobody wanted to do the work to bring Sagan to the line, I think DQS will get no help until Paris. So, I think 35 is not going to happen. Maybe 33 will be it.

Oh I don´t doubt that it is possible. It´s pretty evident, since they can absolutely blast it up those mountains at the end of long stages. I´m just amazed that it is possible.
It also puts into perspective how careful the riders have to be about burning matches. One big, long effort in the beginning of the stage and you´ll never catch up with the carbs.


I’m worried about this too - especially since Cav was complaining that it was only them and Alpecin doing the pulling as it is.

For US viewers of NBC - what is going on over Steve Parino’s right shoulder? Steve gives the in-car updates. He is sitting in a UK spec car, so he is in the left seat. Over his left shoulder we can see the view out the window. Over his right shoulder (center of car) it looks like there is a mirror behind him and we can see through the windshield. What’s up with that?

I think later in the race it can be easier for them to find other allies though. E.g. Bahrain might be more likely to help close down a break for Colbrelli now that Poels is out of GC contention. Same for JV and Bora for WVA and Sagan respectively if Vingegaard or Kelderman were to drop out of top 10. Cav is also pretty popular in the peloton which helps when trying to recruit helpers (he’s ridden for about half the teams there!). Also a good chance that at his age and having not expected to go to the Tour that he’ll fade in the second half of the race, certainly teams won’t be thinking he’s so unbeatable that they won’t want to drag him to the finish.