Tour de France 2021 - Speculation and Gossip

I think this theory holds the most water so far.

Gossip…McNulty’s Dad said he was more “tired” now than in any other time in his pro career.

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If I remember correctly samples collected today are retained for evaluation in the future (could be wrong). If that is indeed true I guess we would expect to uncover more in the future if in fact they are using something “new”.

Also with biological passport they would have to be a little more thoughtful on what area they improve once they are part of the program, correct?

This young generation is also the first generation to basically have power and training programs their entire childhood. In previous decades if you were a super talented u23 you probably only had a year or two of legit structured training. But I am sure people like MVDP, WVA, and maybe Pogacar have had full multiple-year training plans with power.

Previously in long stage races experience >>> youth but maybe now they have both.

This is not everything and is just a part of the equation but I know when I was 15 I just wanted to go fast and never did anything close to a structured plan.


I often listen to a German podcast where one of the hosts, an ex-pro, is a talent scout with an agency which has riders like Mads Pedersen or Tao GH or Joao Almeida under contract.

He says the times of looking/identifiying the riders with data are over. There are so many young riders now which can put out high number powers, it’s not a distinguishing factor anymore. What becomes more and more important is the mental toughness/stability, but this is difficult to identify.

Oh no, you got me. You compared me to Lance so obviously everything I say is tarnished. Dude, wake up. You’re bordering on sounding like a conspiracy theorist with all those different calculators. All I’m saying is that I’d rather enjoy my racing and be excited about some once in a generation performances rather than write out multi-paragraph posts comparing various facts and figures to prove some cheating. I think r/conspiracy might enjoy it, and I believe you get a personalized tinfoil hat for joining.


Performances in every sport across the globe have improved over time. Advances in diet, training, fueling, gear/equipment have been huge. But no, must be cheating.


Doping in pro sports is definitely nothing but a conspiracy theory.
Assuming a incredibly dominant tour winner might be supplementing is clearly on par with flat earth theory and the Great reset.
But if you are willing to discuss this properly, you are very welcome to stay.


Again, questions are being raised on more than the level of his performance.

To respond in the manner you did simply indicates that you have not read what I and others have posted, so you don’t appear to be interested in a dialogue.


I always find it ironic that the only ones who are incapable of having a dispassionate discussion about this sort of thing is the ones who are convinced everything is hunky dory. It’s all emotion and accusation at other participants in the discussion.


I have read what you have posted, I just disagree with your sentiment. And I get tired of the same argument every year over a rider’s performance and whether or not they’re doping. I have no problem with dialogue and discussion, but it’s just the same argument over and over and over that bores me. If there was something substantial or new or even plausible, sure let’s discuss. But unwarranted skepticism because a guy is better than the competition is just lazy. As I said, every aspect of sport is improving, so just looking at historical comparisons doesn’t do much. Times get faster. Training gets more specific. His whole year is targeting this event, so him dominating shouldn’t be a surprise.


Maybe ISM makes him ride too much tempo :man_shrugging:

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Telling as well, that only Sastre and Nibali have enjoyed a TdF win without any significant accusation being thrown at them, or being associated with known-dopers, etc in the last 25 years.

Ah gee thanks mister gatekeeper, I’m glad you’ve decided to let me in to this exclusive group.

I never denied past doping and not even denying current or future doping. But he hasn’t been caught doping so far so I’m not going to let cynicism take away from an amazing performance unless there’s substantial evidence to the otherwise. And I’d say it’s not fair to place blame or suspicion on him when it’s unwarranted and we should be applauding his performance, but I really don’t think he cares what we think when he’s dominating the biggest race of the year. Haters gonna hate.

However, no one has mentioned the competition.
Just looking in isolation at TP’s numbers is frightening.
The fact that no one comes even close is also telling, but can be mitigated by the general state of his main competitors after one week of racing.

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I cannot keep any gates, I will just not discuss with people who don‘t want to discuss back, but just be offensive all the time. Thanks for letting be know you don‘t want to discuss this properly.

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Haha, because multi-paragraph internet research of multiple years of Strava times and VAMs “proving” he is cheating is dispassionate. The time and effort spent to uncover some mischief is hilarious. I’m just excited about the racing. Doping or not, it’s fun to watch.

I think it was stated around 500 times that none of this is proof, it is just indicative

You are basically saying the „haters“ use research, data comparisons, and take effort in their reasoning.
You on the other hand just mock people and say: don‘t caredon‘t believetin foil hat.
Don’t really see how this makes your points more valid.
No one here was saying „he is definitely 100% doping, no discussion“. It is just super suspicious.


Again, I never said that so thanks for putting words in my mouth. Saying I don’t want to discuss because I disagree with you will just create an echo chamber. You have your thoughts I have mine. There’s just not a lot to argue about when proving a negative. He’s never tested positive , that’s about it. So I go off the science.

You are still saying „I don‘t want to discuss properly“ - you are just phrasing it differently.
You are only talking about me, never about the topic. Write a DM if you want to criticize. Otherwise I am all for talking about TdF 2021, which is the topic at hand.

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