Toughest workouts

What do you think the hardest TR workouts you have done are? Been doing these since 2012 and Baird +5 is probably the toughest I have done. 1 minute on with 30 sec rest is hard, after about the 4th interval you are hurting…then riding off the burn for 30 min is brutal.

I can’t think of ones since AT that have been extra brutal but prior to AT I did a few. I forget their names though, lol, I have blanked out that nightmare :scream:

I don’t know that it would ever come up in a plan, but Hour Record is one I’ve saved for a day when I’m feeling really really good and don’t mind if I feel really really bad for a few days afterwards.

Disaster -2 for me. Fireworks makes ya question your decisions.

Can’t wait for WWDD ‘23.