Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness thresholds

(I’m talking about the info from power meters )

From using a leomo device I’ve noticed that the harder I push the smoother my data seems to be in my body movements. So was thinking if this applies to power generation a power meter using the more advanced stats could identify a sort of threshold as both Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness improve as power goes up. This in theory would allow you to tell how hard you’re going based on those numbers. Has anyone actually looked into this?

Thinking this would be visualized like a power duration chart where the time span that calculates the x,y point in the chart would be used to calculate the avg Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness of those time spans

Though I could be very wrong and there is no corelation between these numbers and how hard you push. But if true this could be used to tell how hard you should be pushing in intervals without having to be tested (ramp test)

This kind of implies this type of relationship but without a break point:

The use of the metrics from the power duration curve I think would help identify a smoother line where you’re actually trying to push to make it easier to analyze

On a related topic, I stumbled on this Wahoo article this morning: