Torque Effectiveness & Pedal Smoothness

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Got the Assioma DUO a few weeks back and now I’m trying to improve my TE & PS numbers.

I have to really keep it in mind to get some decent TE & PS but still nothing beyond the ordinary. What must I do, more single leg exercises? Another bike fit?

When the intensity goes up then my TE & PS also goes up but during the recovery periods, I am just too tired to worry about how I am pedaling.

These 2 screenshots from my Zone 2 workout so intensity is about 70% of FTP.

I don’t know of any studies suggesting improving either of these numbers will make you a faster cyclist. The numbers are there because marketers want to include it as a proposed benefit of these power meters, but nobody I’m aware of has ever explained how you could use these numbers to assess ability, and how improving them would change your ability (if you can in fact improve them).


I tend to agree. There doesn’t seem to be any real info other than speculation about “ideal” numbers. Something tells me these may be unwarranted goals, without a real reason behind them. There is one other thread that is discussing this a bit too, that didn’t seem to show much reason to spend time and effort on these values:


Thanks for the feedback. Curious if there are such data for the pros.

Found this via quick Google search:

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In the past days, I’ve actually been trying to unload on the upstroke and make my ankles more flexible and work a bit more throughout the stroke but this is a lot of work to keep the focus. According to the Element app, the TE & PS numbers did get better but I also got more tired having to keep focusing on it… Also giving more power on the push forward motion helped but I am not able to tell if my maximum power is above or below the 3 o’clock point. In the end, I guess maybe more hours will make it more natural? As of right now, I don’t think I can keep this up and still enjoy riding… :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the links!

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Like any new skill, it takes some conscious effort and deliberate practice to perform it well. Repetition can lead to adoption of that skill with less attention and effort over time. If it’s something you want to nail, take it in bites, work to grow the application and it should become more “natural” and relatively automatic with enough practice.