Top 10 at Leadville with TrainerRoad - Kate McLaughlin – Ask a Cycling Coach 436

@mcneese.chad Or other TR folks to add the normal stuff you put in the first post of the thread…

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I stripped out “Roadman Cycling Podcast 0:01 / 15:23” from your title since it doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Topic title can match the video title for consistency.

damn clip board…I’ve been having YT problems where I hit play on a video and the audio comes from something I moused over before navigating TO a video… Weirdness.

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Kate (don’t see a TR forum handle for you) , do you feel like the Cross Country Marathon Plan got you prepared for the combo of long and short climbs at Sea Otter? Thinking the short stuff on the first section with single track (Couch Canyon) for short and the long being that sustained single track & fire road climb from the bottom of Barlow Canyon back to Laguna Seca.