Tools required to change PraxisWorks BB30 GXP Bottom Bracket

Hi all,

which tools / bottom bracket press do I need exactly to change a PraxisWorks GXP Bottom Bracket (linked below) on my 2017 Specialized Allez Sprint BB30 frame?

The tools are all quite expensive, so I want to make sure I get the right one. Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

If its GXP, you won’t need to press tool. It just screws in and out. You just need the tool to over the bottom bracket. like this:

I don’t have a specialized bike so I am not 100% sure but GXP is the easiest.

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You should probably be emailing them and not posting this on the TR forum.

If you’re trying to convert your press-fit BB30 bottom bracket to run one of these Praxisworks units you’ll need to remove the circlip retainers that hold the bearings in your current frame, then you’ll need to pop out the BB30 bearings. Installation of the Praxisworks bottom bracket is straight forward and they offer good directions.

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When I contacted them they were very responsive and helpful, so I’d send this info to them!

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