Hub Bearing Press?

I’m currently in the middle of the yearly annual deep clean/maintenance on my mountain bike, and would like to service my hubs.

I can source the new bearings, and looks like I’ll need to buy a punch set to get the bearings out, but pressing the new bearings back in will be an issue.

A quick google search shows some pricey ($150+) press kits for bearings, but since this is a once a year use, I can’t justify that amount of money. I’m searching for DIY press or other option. I know I can use a hammer and socket to “press” bearings in, but wouldn’t want to go that route until it’s necessary.

any helpful tips?


$50 alternative

That’s more in my price range, but I don’t believe that shaft is small enough to go through a hub bearing. That would be a no-brainer for bottom bracket press-ins, but thankfully all of my bikes are threaded, which saves a lot of hassle.

Something like that is what I’m looking for, but it’ll have to be smaller… I think.
Below is Hope’s hub service video - quite informative!

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I suppose I could go with something like this:

and buy the Drifts separately as needed here:

Geez I had a brain fart. I immediately thought bearing press and my mind thought of that. Didn’t consider wheel hub bearings.

I was in the same predicament last season. I ended up using my quick release and a bunch of washers and socket wrenches to press my bearings. It was super easy and way cheaper than buying a special tool set.

Edit: I did this with the Hope Pro 4 hub and their bearing replacement kit (following the Vimeo videos with a plastic mallet was driving me insane… looks so easy not so much in real life).

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I have this set:

And one of these too:

Additional tools and drifts here :slight_smile:


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I used a blind bearing puller to remove them.

For pressing, I used the wheels manufacturing drifts, but went the redneck route for the press. I use a 3/8 threaded rod from the hardware store which fits nicely in the drifts. On either side of the drifts I placed a wash and a nut which I turn with closed end wrenches. Similar to this: