Installing a press fit bottom bracket with crankset

I was just wondering what peoples thoughts are if I were to install a press fit bottom bracket with my SRAM Force crankset.

My logic is that the way you install the crankset looks similar to the BB tool required. Obviously I wouldn’t want to damage any parts so any advice would be great.

Take a look at They have great products. I replaced my squeaky Specialized Roubaix bottom bracket with one from them and it’s been QUITE!!! and smooth. Give them a call or shoot them an email for options.

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Do not use the cranks to press bearings into a frame! A bearing press contacts the outer race whereas the cranks will contact the inner race putting a high load along the axis of the bearings and potentially causing damage to the balls and the race.



Take themagicspanner’s advice.

I love my press from Wheels Manufacturing and recommend it: Wheels Manufacturing | Bicycle Derailleur hangers | Bottom Brackets | Components

Also, chances are that the crankset spindle wouldn’t even be long enough to make it through the un-pressed cups and bottom bracket of the frame in order for you to attempt this.