Too tired for 90rpms so I settle for 70

Ive been struggling a bit lately so i decided to to just free ride on zwift. Today while climbing the Alpe I almost quit the workout because I was struggling to keep a 90+ cadence. So i decided to just grind along at 70rpms. At the end of the workout zwift calculated my new FTP to be 201. Here’s the kicker, last week i took the ramp test after completing ssbmv2 and my ftp dropped from 190 to 177 because the Saturday before the rest week did a group ride and I guess I over did it. My question is did i just dig myself a deeper hole that i need to recover from or do i continue what i am doing??


I guess I’ll find out in the upcoming days if i recover from today’s ride.

I have never been able to make it through a build phase without screwing something up. :person_facepalming: …halp!