Too short of post-season?

I just wrapped up my '19 season with Miamiman Long Course on Nov. 10th. I did well, had the second fastest bike split of the half-iron race and had plenty of gas in the tank to finally not blow up on the run—something I’ve had yet to accomplish.

Nevertheless, I’m shooting for a Taupo spot in 2020 and I want to shoot for Gulf Coast 70.3 on May 9th as my first peak of the 2020 season. If I do a full base-build-peak cycle, it puts my doing my ramp test on November 26th - two weeks away. Is that way too soon?

I’ve been dealing with a nagging right hamstring/glute issue all season (so much so I was unable to run from Jan '19 through April '19). I really want to focus on my swim and mobility/strength this season, but I was just psychologically anticipating a low intensity/mobility focus longer than a week.

Input and anecdotes are appreciated!

Only you can answer if 2 weeks is enough. I had thought 1 week would be enough – and then start slowly back into things. Ended up being 3 weeks before I could stomach the thought of hitting the pool again. (I had been riding, just nothing structured).

I do understand, I have set one A race in mid-May. Really made off time short. Remember, you can race off a build cycle. That is what I have ended up planning for my race. I needed the time and break – I was FRIED – never mind how much my family needed me at that point.

My answer would be “probably”. But go with what you feel on the 26th. If you’re feeling motivated -and I mean MOTIVATED, not doing it because a calendar says to get back at it - go for it. If not, take another week until you’re really itching to go.

Point being, let your body and your brain be the guide, not adherence to a 26 week plan. You’ll be fine on 24 or gasp 20 weeks with your background.