Too much endurance after a build?

I’m looking for advice. I’m on a LV plan, in week 3 of a build phase, the first week had a ramp test and a missed workout, so wasn’t that hard. Next week I’m scheduled for an endurance week.

The two weeks after that was scheduled as a break for a work trip, but it turns out I can do endurance rides either everyday or every other day during that time. Do I make next week harder by doing another week of VO2, anaerobic, threshold, or do I just stick with the plan and have 3 weeks of endurance rides?

The two weeks after the work trip are a ramp test, threshold, C race, then 3 endurance workouts. During that time I was going to build in extra volume as a bit of a ‘mini training camp’ to get some big rides in since I’m doing BWR at the end of May and need to get some long days in the saddle.

If you can do endurance rides during the work trip, can’t you also do high intensity rides? Either by using outdoor workouts if you’re away from your trainer, or even by HR or RPE if you’re on a hire bike with no power. That would be the best option. In which case just delete the work trip from your calendar, and I think if you used Own Builder to schedule your plan it should just automatically replan to make the best use of that 2 weeks.

Unfortunately any kind of intensity is a no-go. I’ll be doing SCUBA surveys and moderate exercise is ok, but intense exercise significantly increases the risk of decompression sickness.

Personally I’d do maybe 3 or (if I could handle it) 4 hard (VO2) sessions the week before the trip, then just fit as much endurance (and mix in some high Z2 ~75%) in while away. Endurance isn’t going to make you slow. If you can keep a similar volume to now I bet you will feel great and be able to hit your events hard.

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That’s what I’ve been leaning towards.

VO2 max is what sees the biggest decline in the quickest time. Personally I’ve found that a VO2 max workout once a week is enough to maintain it, and if combined with enough endurance volume increase it.

You can’t do intensity whilst away for two weeks. I’d do a VO2 max workout as close to when you go away as is practical. That’ll at least keep it fairly stable for the next week. Then the second week you’re going to see a decline I’m afraid. But you are not going to see a massive decline whilst away.

I’d advise against a big burst of high intensity ahead of going away. Travel is stressful in of itself, you don’t want the stress of both in your body at same time.

I’d say yes, if you can fit some endurance rides into your schedule whilst away then do it. I’d prioritise frequency over the single super long ride. It’ll also help you have some frequent down time whilst away; which is good mentally as well as physical.

I’m not a coach, just my opinion of what I’d do.