Fatigued legs a worry!

Ive been doing mid volume Sustained build the last 3 weeks and hsve found the 8 minute intervals above threshold and vo2 stuff really hard so i took 3 days off and went on a 90km cycle and my legs were not sore but were really dead and tired when i got out of the saddle for any climbs. Im a little worried about getting over fatigued even though I would alwsys have take 2 days a week off the bike. My plan is to do a couple of weeks doing just endurance and some SS stuff and just stay away from the higher intensity interval and see dies that solve the problem. Im into long endurance cycling but im just afraid of burning out. Am I over reacting or has anyone else any experience. I done 2 above threhold workouts last week and failed on both as I just couldnt go on as i was F…ked. Help please.

As an n=1 example, I’m 38 now and have come to realise that my body needs more time between workouts than a mid volume plan allows. For me, a day on/day off routine is necessary for all weeks other than those where I can solely dedicate myself to training and recovery.
My point is, just because the plans are laid out as they are, don’t assume one size fits all. You might be one of those people who needs a little more rest.

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It could be simply muscular fatigue from the workouts. Are there any other indicators around heart rate, sleep etc?

I’m doing SSB md vol 2 but have ditched one of the weekend workouts as I find a bit more rest helps me complete the other workouts at 100%

So you could either reduce the TSS by dropping a workout, or change one of the vo2/ threshold workouts to an endurance or SS ride, (which also fits on with your style of riding).

I’m also on SPBMV week 3.
I tried to follow your schedule and I really couldn’t to be honest. The two biggest things I’ve learned since recently starting structured training are; Consistancy and recovery.
I’m just now “starting” to listen to my body. Are you able to ride on the same days each week?
Also, if you’re going to be adding several hours of zwift/outdoor rides you might want to go down to LV?