How often to take caffeine

Listening to the science of getting faster and discussing caffeine use. And up to 6mg per kg of body weight! But I don’t hear any mention of how often it can be consumed? Is that through out the day, even or over so many hours?

At least one cup of tea for breakfast, one during the morning, one just after lunch, one in the afternoon, and then one when home after work.

I used to have another 2-3 later at night, but I’ve somehow lost my tolerance.


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You’re supposed to take it about 1 hour before exercise for performance enhancement. Take it as much as you want, but your body builds a tolerance so it will feel less effective with time. I’m sure there’s some fancy science behind what goes on, but essentially it lowers your RPE so that you can go harder longer

Couple of good Scientific Triathlon podcasts on the subject (details included in the show notes if you’re not bothered about listening to them):

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I’ve been trying caffeine tablets before TTs for the last couple of seasons. Probably (actually definitely) not, the tt I’ve done best in I forgot to take one though. The bottle warns against more than one. General coffee though although you can take as much as you want I probably need to get out of the habit of having a 2nd or even a 3rd cup during the day. I seemed to get better results when I just had one cup a day.

It would depend on your event, i have tablet form caffeine for ‘in event’ which from memory is 250mg per tablet, i’m 80kg’s so just over 3mg/kg and take one every 4 hours for an endurance event.

i’ve looked around and advice does vary but it’s definately not the sort of thing to be getting wrong, don’t jump in at the deep end if you don’t already have a resonable tolerance for caffeine.

Minimum effective dose would be best in my opinion