Too much bluetooth device may cause power latency

Over the last year I use bluetooth speed sensor and bluetooth cadence sensor on TrainerRoad( my phone is samsung S9+) and everything worked fine.

Recently I bought another bluetooth heartrate sensor(Rythm 24), then I found that latency in Power field is quite often(most of the times the latency lasts for about 10 seconds) so I can not achieve my Target.

Finally I change the heartrate sensor to ANT+ mode(Samsung S9+ support ANT+) and then everything just works perfect again. So I think too much bluetooth device may cause power latency.

I suggest contacting so they can review your issue.

I kept getting dropouts when using HRM, P1 pedals, smart trainer and a headset, all running off bluetooth. I figured it was probably a bandwidth issue and went back to wireless headphones - not had an issue since.