Power lag with BT on Windows 11

Interested to see if anyone else has had this issue. When pairing my power meter (Quarq DFour91) to my PC, I get extreme latency (power lags behind by like 5 seconds) if I pair via Bluetooth but not if I pair via ANT+. This doesn’t appear to be TR related as this happened with Zwift awhile back. I suspect it must be related to a certain version of windows or some BT driver update because it didn’t always do this. Today I didn’t have my ANT dongle so I ended up using my phone, and BT worked fine for power. Weird.

I noticed this in ERG mode. Though my delay seems to be in minutes and rather random. Don’t think I had a problem while riding in Zwift in ERG mode with same setup.

I will try Mobile and/or ANT+ again.