Too many Events?

My A event is a 150 mile ride with 10,000 feet of climbing at the end of July. I did it last year, but was pretty wiped out and signed up for TrainerRoad to help prepare me better for this year. When setting up my Training Plan I put a B event 5 days before my A event. It is a local 100 mile ride that I’ve done a few times, but I’m wondering if I shouldn’t do a 100 mile ride so close to my A event? Would love to get some thoughts on this. Thanks!

I wouldn’t do something that long that close to the big event. I’m not a coach, but that’s my 2c?

What is your event?

For long 1 day events, I once heard the advice that you should plan on one day of recovery for every hour on the bike during that event, i.e. a 6 hour TT race warrants 6 days off the bike. That probably has its limitations, i.e. I probably wouldn’t take 24 days off after a 24 hour race, but depending on your age, 5-7 days recovery after a century seems reasonable. I wouldn’t want to do a 150, 5 days after a 100 (and I’m 29 and recover pretty well).

I would advise against doing the 100 mile ride so close to your A event. You should be building up longer rides leading up to this but 5 days out is going to wear you down when you should be tapering. Don’t see how this could benefit you.

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Thanks. It’s the RAMROD.

Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for the advice!

Just ride your B event faster, so it takes less than 5 hrs. Then you’ll be recovered in less than 5 days and… fine!


Skip that 100 mile event



There’s also a Metric Century offered 5 days before my A event. Would that be a better option? Or am I supposed to be taking it real easy that close to my A?

Might be worth reading up on tapering.

Thank you so much! This is the kind of help I was hoping for!

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