To lift or not to lift, that is the question

Lift - it makes you a better, more well-rounded human.


I dunno… too much pizza and beer seem way more effective at that. :slight_smile:


Curl those 40s! … ounces, that is … :muscle: :beer:

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Skip leg day before a ride?

‘Too much beer’? Is there such a thing? Well, yeah, but…

“…healthy untrained men…”

Meanwhile Ronnestad showed improvements in just about every relevant measure (peak torque, Wingate test, 40 minute TT, power at 4mmol lactate) for elite cyclists that did strength training.

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Ronnestad finds lots of things.

If I wanted to be more well rounded, I’d read all the books I checked out from the library and maybe learn a second language…


I’m 55. It’s good for me.

And I enjoy it.

And happy wife = happy life.



How about the other way around? Endurance training first then lift.

As an anecdote, I lifted and trained on the bike regularly for 2 years (3 years ago). I could hit high sprint numbers (up to 1500w peak) but it came at a cost of DOMS from the lifting. I haven’t lifted in an entire year and my endurance is the same and my sprint is nearly as good (1300w peak). I couldn’t say if my endurance is much different, but cost to benefit for the few extra watts doesn’t really feel worth it. I am weak AF now tho relative to when I hit the weights. Hurts my alpha dad status for sure!

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I would encourage all my competition not to lift and not to stretch either.


I’m a woman, and I’m persevering with two weights sessions a week (have done since January). I honestly couldn’t say that it’s making me faster on the bike. In fact I often struggle with the interval sessions the day after a weights session. But I do think it helps with core stability, helped me recover from painful knees and I’m just generally hoping that it’s good for my bones and injury prevention. But I really do wish those muscles would actually help with spinning my legs on the bike…


Depends on the goals, I’m 40 and longevity seems more important than what place I came in at a race. Training for Longevity: The Reverse J-Curve for Exercise - PMC


In response to ET, both groups similarly decreased body fat percentage (P < 0.0001) and improved endurance performance (e.g. , and speed at which the onset of blood lactate accumulation occurred, P < 0.0001).

It seems that the conclusion was that performance was the same in the end.

This key point at the end doesn’t make any sense to me. It seems to say the opposite of what the study finds. ???

Key points

  • Resistance training is largely underappreciated as a method to improve endurance performance, despite reports showing it may improve mitochondrial function.
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Lifters say I kill gains by cycling.

Cyclists say I kill gains by lifting.

Seems like everybody is saying I’m crazy for doing both. My body disagrees!


This! and I havent even leveled my wisdom up as much as you.

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The podders and bloggers often talk about the blunting effect of one before the other.

However, the seemingly good ones follow that up with the advice to do them close together if that’s the only way you can fit them into your schedule.

It’s not ideal for physical adaptation and performance, but neither is being a parent, having a job, or riding without EPO. We can’t have everything.


Nothing in my life is optimized. Balance.


I love this🤘

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